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Stephen Dolle's Drum Circle Facilitation and Consulting/ Keynotes Speaking on Brain Health, Learning, Hydrocephalus,  mHealth Innovation, and Drumming for the Brain in Orange County, California

Below, I offer several services & speaking topics. My time is split between drumming, hydrocephalus care, my efforts to develop an mHealth app for hydrocephalus, cognitive accessibility, and speaking. I put on a variety of drumming workshops, and am currently rehearsing with a friend to put on world percussion performances for breast cancer fundraisers.

On speaking, I love to speak on drumming for the brain, on technology & innovation, and on how we learn. I'd like to do some motivational speaking on overcoming adversity and learning too. Please contact me for more details. Thank you.


 My Services: Links to pages

Drum Circle Facilitation, Drumming Workshops, Drumming Events

Hydrocephalus Monitoring, Patient Consults, Expert Witness

Consulting in mHealth & Mobile App Design

Consulting in Cognitive Accessibility, Cognitive Disabilities

Learning & Education, Overcoming Adversity, Adapting to Change, Innovating & Employee Development

Coaching & Motivating Individuals and Groups - see also my Projects on my LinkedIn profile

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    To reserve a drumming event or workshop, please fill out and send me the completed Drum Circle Facilitation Services Client & Deposit Agreement. Pay now using my PayPal link, or contact me to make other payment arrangements.


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